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New Card Processor

We are excited to announce we have partnered with a new credit and debit card processor.  With our new partnership, we are able to provide upgraded functionality and a more secure card for members. 

Important information about the upcoming changes:

  • We are not doing a mass reissue of cards. Instead you will receive a new credit and/or debit card when your current card reaches the expiration date. Until then please continue using your current card like normal.
  • You will receive a notification letter & stickers with the new processor's contact information in the mail. Use this number with questions about your card or to report your card as lost or stolen:
  1. Beginning August 20th - please attach the updated sticker to the backside of your credit card. 
  2. Beginning October 19th - please attach the updated sticker to the backside of your debit card. 
  • If you have a Golden Rewards credit card - you will not lose your cash back rewards for 2020. They will be transferred to our new rewards program and they will be reflected on your statement one to two billing cycles after conversion.

We are excited about offering our members upgraded functionality like the ability to lock or unlock cards, report cards lost or stolen and much more through a new card app.

If you have any questions please contact us at 1.800.825.7661.​