VISA Check Cards

With increased security, convenience and global acceptance, our EMV Chip VISA Check Card provides peace of mind on everyday payments.  This card replaces the need to carry a checkbook or cash. It's just like paying with a credit card, but with the amount of your purchase automatically withdrawn from your checking account.

Easy to Use
All you have to do is present the card to the merchant, sign the credit card style receipt and keep a copy for your records. Your purchase will be deducted from your checking account within 24 hours. Each month your checking account statement will list all of your transaction activity.

Use it anywhere VISA is accepted
You can use your VISA Check Card anywhere VISA is accepted at more than 11 million stores, restaurants, and other locations around the world.

Enjoy ATM Access
This card also works as an ATM Card, allowing you to make a deposit, withdrawal, or even transfer funds from one account to another.

Lost or Stolen VISA Check Card
If you have a lost or stolen VISA Check Card, please call 1.866.664.9364 to report it.