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GPCU Cards App

Our GPCU Cards app offers a robust array of features, giving you complete control over your Golden Plains' credit and debit cards to ensure security of your accounts, while also giving you options to fine-tune spending.  Our Cards app works separately from our GPCU Mobile app and exists solely to help you better manage your GPCU cards.  

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Keep a closer eye on everything

You can add all of your GPCU credit and debit cards within the app. Real-time alerts keep you updated when a card is used or declined to ensure you are the only one using the card. Transaction controls allow your card to work only in specific locations or geographic areas, adding another layer of protection.  

Fraud Protection

A lost or stolen card is an unsettling experience. Take control by turning your debit or credit card "off" if you have accidentally misplaced or lost your card or if it is stolen. When your card is "off" no withdrawals or purchases will be approved. 

Control Spending

If you're trying to stick to a budget, our app can help.  Set spending limits for general use or specify threshholds by merchant types. Our app lets you change these parameters anytime with ease. Headed on vacation?  Holiday shopping?  Simply update your transaction controls.

Parental Controls

Whether they are at the local mall or away at college, your kids want to spend money.  You need a way to support their needs while managing their spending.  With convenient features like threshold limits, merchant categories, location and on/off controls, you decide where, when and how your children use their debit card.

Use the GPCU Cards app to:

  • Check balances.
  • Report card lost or stolen.
  • Setup travel notifcations.
  • Turn your card on & off.
  • Dispute transactions.
  • Card activation.
  • Make a payment.
  • Setup transaction alerts.
  • Setup location controls.
  • View account history.

 With superior functionality, our GPCU Cards App ensures you are able to easily manage your cards from anywhere.