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Mobile Wallet

Paying with your Golden Plains debit or credit card just became even more simple.  Sign up today and enjoy the convenience of paying via your phone.  Mobile wallet payments with Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay make in-store and restaurant checkouts faster and easier.

Fast, Convenient Checkout

Checkout with the touch of your finger using digital wallet payments on your smartphone.

Easy Enrollment

GPCU credit and debit cards are compatible with major digital payment apps.  To enroll, snap a photo of your GPCU card, type in a few more details and you’re all set.  Your future checkouts will be faster and safer.

Fingerprint Security

Your phone’s fingerprint ID/login adds another level of protection.  Even if your phone is lost or stolen, your mobile wallet can’t be used, unlike if you lose a wallet containing your actual credit and debit cards.

Protection from Data Breaches

When you use a mobile wallet, the store or restaurant where you paid only receives a single-use code – not your name, card number or security code – so you’re better protected.  Even if a store or restaurant where you used a mobile wallet were hacked, your card number wouldn’t be compromised.

Zero Liability Protection

When you use your GPCU debit or credit card with a mobile payment system, you still have the same Zero Liability Fraud Protection that you have when you use a physical card to check out.