Golden Plains Online Enrollment

To sign up for Bill Pay, you must be enrolled in Online Banking. Fill out the form below to enroll. If you are already enrolled in Online Banking, do not fill out the form. Once enrolled in Online Banking, log in to Online Banking and click on "Pay Bills."

Once you’ve filled out this form and you’ve been given access to Golden Plains Online, click here and follow the steps for logging in to Golden Plains Online.

Personal Information
Joint Owner (if applicable)
Security Information
Joint Owner (if applicable)
Bill Payment Account(s)
Select up to two checking accounts to pay bills from. Check box if joint account.
*Bill Payment Accounts must be checking accounts.
You desire to subscribe to the services and authorized us, and any third party acting on our behalf, to serve as your agent in processing payments to targeted merchants and/or transfers to and from targeted accounts pursuant to your payment and/or transfer instructions, and you authorize us to post such payment and/or transfer to your designated account(s). You understand that we may not make certain payments and/or transfers if sufficient funds are not available in your designated account. This authorization is in force until revoked by you or us in writing and subject to the Golden Plains On-Line Agreement and Disclosure (a current copy of which will be furnished to you) as amended from time to time.
Account Disclosures
Click here to view the Account Disclosures.
E-Sign Act Disclosure
Click here to view the E-Sign disclosure.