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Come Sail Away

Free up some extra cash this summer and sail past your next loan payment. Upon your request, you may skip your May or June loan payment(s) for one month with our Summer Skip-a-Pay. This agreement extends the repayment period of your loan(s).

Loans on payroll deduction will still have the amount of the loan payment deducted from your check, but the money will be deposited to shares and can be withdrawn at your request. If you have an automatic payment, please allow 30 days before your due date for processing.

This offer does not apply to all loans including term loans, first mortgage loans, loans with payment frequency longer than one month, credit cards, delinquent loans, loans with poor payment history, or loans that have had an extension agreement within the last 6 months. A $20 maintenance fee will be assessed for each loan.

Sail past your next loan payment with our Summer Skip-a-Pay! Click here to apply online today!